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Thanks for stumbling onto our page! We dedicate this blog to Japan and all the great stuff that comes out of it.

This blog is here for those interested in seeing what the ACMT Japanese Club has been up to and what we're learning step-by-step. It's a self-study club to enrich our lives and give us better opportunities for our future.

If you decide to follow this blog and learn alongside us, don't hesitate to send us questions. We may only officially have members who are a part of ACMT Zagreb, but unofficially the amount, who want to be a part of this, is limitless.

Thanks for your time and effort.


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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Japanese Club Beginnings and Introduction

Hey everybody!

For those who don't know who we are, we're a club that's situated at ACMT, more specifically at the Zagreb campus.

First of all, the college that we're attending only offers European Languages, but we believe to be truly international businessmen and women, it would be best to know, or at least attempt to know, an Asian language as well.  The idea behind this club is to broaden our opportunities.  We already have two main parts of the globe covered with English and a European language and this club was started in the belief that we should also try out for the third part.

It all began with the start of calling it the Asian Language Club.  Our first meeting was held to choose what we believe to be the three main Asian languages today - Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.  After a brief presentation on the positives and negatives of each language, the decision was made and we became the Japanese Language Club.

The goal for this year is to learn enough to survive in Japan fairly well.  We realize that learning a language as beautiful and complex as Japanese will take longer than the 4 short years at college, but with strong motivation and dedication, we will hopefully be able to achieve enough knowledge to possibly work or live in Japan.  If you have the patience to learn the language, you will have enough to go through the process of getting a visa as well.

So everyone, persevere and good luck!